History — investigation, predicaments and failings

I was always interested in how to make a Layer2-switch or a router out of a bare Linux machine. Since I’ve started my career as a network engineer I became familiar with various network products and vendors, learned their advantages and disadvantages.

Once I put my hands on a Linux machine and understood immediately the power of open source software, it was a moment when I began developing idea around classical open source Ethernet switch.

Simple architecture assumes the presence of next components:

  • user-friendly interface (in 2010 it was stack of Apache, JavaScript and PHP)
  • database (requires planning of the…

Why do I need this?

Kubernetes has plenty of tools for various purposes, of course, I don’t need all of them in my daily practice. I need something very simple, a simple tool for managing a containerized infrastructure. For quick access, I need a dashboard with a set of the most frequently used functions that is intuitive for me and my team.

Architectural thoughts

How would I build a dashboard with a quick bar?

We need some kind of front-end with buttons and an ergonomic intuitive interface.

We need a database to store the configuration of Kubernetes objects.

We need an engine that will make requests to…

Dmitrii Overchenko

Senior Systems (DevOps) Engineer

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